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Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Every User

By this time, probably you have already picked plenty of must have apps for your Android! But, if you are still looking for some kind of apps that can be beneficial anyway to you or to complete your tasks, then you can read this article.

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps free

All these apps on this post are helpful and you can use on your Android to get fast, simple and intuitive working experience.
So, here are the top 10 must have Android apps for every user that you want to download.

1. Android Device Manager

android device manager Must Have Android Apps

If, ever misplaced or lost your Android phone! No tension, feel free. Because, Android Device Manager locates your misplaced or lost devices, and obviously helps you to get your phone back with the data safe inside. This is the app you must have and it’s amazing. It lets you to locate Android devices associated with your Google account, and even it also lets you reset your device’s screen lock and even erase all the data stored on the phone for privacy protection.

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