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25 Best Free Go Locker Themes for Android – 2015 | Choose Yours

Android is the most popular mobile operating system for its easy and smooth customization ability. And, it lets user to modify and beautify their Android Smartphone using different options, like – launcher app, themes, live wallpapers etc.
I have already shared best Android Launcher AppsBest Go Launcher Themes, and best live wallpapers for Android in my previous posts. And, now I would like to share 25 best free Go Locker themes for Android that you really love and want to download.

Best Free Go Locker Themes for Android

Hope, you already have Go Locker installed on your Android, if you haven’t – download Go Locker right now, then try these best Go Locker themes and pick your favorite one.

How to Apply Go Locker Theme

It’s actually not tough, I think it’s easy to use Go Locker themes. You can do it following the steps bellow to apply your desired theme to Go Locker on your Android.

  1.  Open GO Locker from your Android.
  2.  Then, go to Go Locker Menu> Preferences > Theme Settings > GO Locker > My locker.
  3.  And, now choose the theme that you want to apply.

Now, lets take a look on the best free Go Locker themes for Android

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