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10 Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android – Free | Get Better Navigation

I think you will say the same thing − “There’s nothing worse than getting lost”. But, when you have an Android device, you have the chance to make it possible – “lost never again”. Because, there are tons of Android apps that can help you find your way. And, here’s a list of the best GPS tracker apps for Android.

Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android Free

All the apps are really cool, and some of these apps use GPS in clever and useful ways. Whether you’re looking for turn-by-turn navigation, or social networking opportunities with others, or fitness.
So, lets take a look on those best free Android GPS apps.

1. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

Best GPS Tracker App for Android Free GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

With over 50 million downloads, Sygic is one of the best GPS tracker app for Android. The high quality TomTom maps are encased within the app, so Internet connection is not required when navigating. Sygic offers turn-by-turn voice navigation and spoken street names to help drivers stay focused on the road. It also includes other smart features like speed camera warnings for fast drivers, Police trap warnings from other drivers, easy drag & drop route editing, and dynamic lane guidance to know if you are in the right lane. Overall, this is seriously an advanced GPS App.

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