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5 Best Android Antivirus and Security Apps to Make Secure Your Android

If you use Android Smartphone or tablet and not running some kind of antivirus app, then you’re putting yourself at risk of infection from corrupted apps and other kinds of malware. That not only could stop your phone to functioning properly, but it can also steal your personal and sensitive company or client data stored on your phone or tablet.
Fortunately, your options are far from limited. Because, the best mobile antivirus apps offer top-notch malware detection and prevention as well as a range of privacy and anti-theft features.

Best Android Antivirus and Security Apps

Generally, most mobile security apps have both free and paid versions, but not all premium antivirus products are created equal. So, after researching enough during the last few days finally I’ve pointed out the top 5 best Android Antivirus apps. In effect, these antivirus apps rated based on setup, interface usability, anti-malware ability and extra useful features.

Note: It’s really the matter that, these Android antivirus apps are tested with AV-Test, EICAR test virus to gauge security protection and malware detecting ability. Even, the Geekbench-3 app is used to measure the impact of these Android security apps have on overall performance.

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